Tiny in hospital

Tiny was a happy baby, always smiling. Here Tiny is holding his oxygen mask. Tiny endured much in his short life, and to honor his memory the Keiser family has started tinySmiles.



"Tiny" was born on June 20, 2011. He was born in less than ideal circumstances and it wasn't until June 28 that he was finally seen in the hospital. He received basic care and his future adoptive home was called at this point. The following morning the hospital ran more diagnostic tests (including pulse oximetry) and found that "Tiny's" heart was broken. It's a miracle he lived that long.

He was born with a Hypoplastic Left Heart (in other words –essentially "Tiny" had no left heart. He was flown immediately to UCDavis and received the most advanced and loving care possible. "Tiny" was even able to go home after his first of 3 planned surgeries!

"Tiny" received intensive medical care at home because of a unique home program that few hospitals offer.  On the day after Thanksgiving 2011 Tiny was checked back into the hospital to prepare for his second surgery. He had this surgery on December 2, 2011. Sadly, "Tiny" was never able to get off of the ventilator and heart bypass. After a strong and courageous fight he died on December 27, 2011. Pulse oximetry and other tests gave the family six great months with a beautiful little boy.



picture of Tiny
Tiny even smiled with his eyes.

Tiny on doctor's scale

Tiny smiling while he's being weighed.

Tiny smiling with a hat on.

Tiny, always smiling...

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